Famed Dark Souls modder launches Dark Souls II graphics tool

The man who famously ‘fixed’ the troubled PC version of Dark Souls surprised the gaming world last night by debuting a new program alongside Dark Souls II.

Durante last night launched GeDoSaTo (Generic Downsampling Tool), a tool designed to facilitate, amongst other things, downsampling – that’s the process of rendering a game at a higher resolution than would typically be supported by a user’s monitor.

Downsampling is the best anti-aliasing method available and can greatly increase the visual quality of a game, albeit at a big performance cost. Until now it has been a relatively complicated process to implement and has only been supported by a limited number of graphics cards.

What’s most impressive is that GeDoSaTo was presented to the world alongside a specific Dark Souls II profile the moment the game went live on Steam for PC last night at 11pm.

It also offers a host of other tweaks such as improved ambient lighting, ambient occlusion and depth of field.

However, Durante hopes that the program will evolve to support any game. Indeed, many users are already reporting success with other titles such as Mass Effect, Dead Space and Sonic Generations.

In other Dark Souls II news, Bandai Namco has identified a number of issues troubling some users such as launch crashes, HDMI display problems and Xbox 360 controller issues.

Non-digital buyers of Dark Souls II on PC will have to wait until next week to get their hands on the game following a manufacturing issue”.

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