Firewatch players can order physical prints of their in-game snaps

Campo Santo and Panic’s Firewatch may be a digital-only release, but it has a very cool real-world feature.

Players in the game have access to a disposable camera. Polygon reports that upon completion they are offered the chance to order real prints of their in-game pics for $15.

These are even delivered branded up with the game’s fictional photo company Fotodome – which was added, via some tweaked dialogue, after the photo trick was decided upon for an extra level of authenticity.

"Steven, the other co-founder here at Panic, offhandedly said ‘Man, what if you could print out your disposable camera photos somehow’,” Panic’s Cabel Sasser said. And, well, here we are. When there’s an idea that immediately excites us both — like the idea behind Firewatch in the first place — it’s hard to stop us from doing it.

"We began building the photo-sharing server and researching printers, Campo started work on their end with saving and uploading the photos out of Unity and building the UI necessary for that, we put everything together, and it turned out pretty cool.”

Currently the feature is only available in the PC version, although Sony has expressed an interest in getting it added to the PS4 release.

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