Five manufacturers commit to making FreeSync compatible displays

Monitors that support AMD’s refresh rate synchronisation technology should become widely available in 2015.

TechSpot reports that five manufacturers have committed to releasing FreeSync compatible displays – LG, BenQ, ViewSonic, Samsung and Nixeus.

Confirmed models span in size from 23.6-inch to 34-inch, the latter of which will be offered by an ultra-wide” 2560×1080 LG panel.

On the flip side Aus, AOC and Acer are signed up to produce screens that support Nvidia’s rival (but very similar) G-Sync technology, but have yet to announce any FreeSync support.

FreeSync displays could likely end up being cheaper that G-Sync ones, however, as they do not require Nvidia’s proprietary hardware and need only be equipped with an updated image scaler.

Both technologies allow monitors to synchronise the number of times they refresh the displayed image per second precisely with the number of frames output by a game, theoretically eliminating screen tear without any of the framerate or stutter compromises presented by v-sync.

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