Free-to-play shooter Warface coming to Xbox 360

Xbox 360 is getting another free-to-play war title – Crytek’s Warface.

The Korean developed title offers your typical FPS multiplayer fair and is due to arrive on Microsoft machine some time in 2014.

Wargaming’s free-to-play World of Tanks is due for release on Xbox 360 some time later this year.

All of which seems to suggest that Microsoft is preparing to position its soon-to-be outdated console as a budget entry-level machine that offers an array of freely accessible titles. Which would certainly make sense and could be quite savvy.

After all, those looking to buy into the older Xbox 360 are less likely to be interested in cutting-edge triple-A gameplay. A selection of free-to-play titles – along with access to an array of multimedia features – could be quite a compelling market proposition, particularly if priced at 100 or below.

Here’s a Warface Xbox 360 trailer:

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