Fuze to publish Mega Man Legends successor Red Ash, console ports confirmed

Mega Man Legends spiritual successor Red Ash has been funded and confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One in addition to PC, thanks to a new publishing deal with Fuze Entertainment.

VG247 reports on the news, which was announced by developer Comcept in an updated on the game’s in-progress Kickstarter campaign. The studio plans to see the campaign out, and if successful, will put all of the $800,000 goal towards stretch goal features.

Consider your pledge a contribution to stretch goals from here on out,” the studio sated. Exactly what are those stretch goals? We’re sorry to say that will have to wait a little while longer.”

We’re very busy with many behind-the-scenes things over here, and we apologize if you feel left in the dark. As you can see, the things we have brewing that are keeping us occupied are big, and all for the purpose of getting you Red ASH in its biggest, bestest form. That’s the reason we’re less communicative than we’d like to be.”

The update asked backers to continue their support of the project, and added that it was only thanks to the vocal support of fans that the team was able to secure funding from the Chinese publisher.

Red Ash’s Kickstarter currently has a lot of work left, sitting at just under $500,000 with just four days left.

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