Support for new platform reaches 20 million potential users

GameMaker engine opens for Linux development

GameMaker: Studio, the cross-platform game engine that is popular among indies and widely used in educational institutes, now supports publishing to Linux via Ubuntu Export.

Using GameMaker: Studio’s Ubuntu Export, developers can export their new and pre-existing games as Ubuntu Software Center-ready applications from a single code base and at the touch of a button.

“This is the first time GameMaker has supported Linux publishing and it couldn’t have come at a better time,” said YoYo Games CEO Sandy Duncan.

“The Ubuntu Software Center provides a new marketplace to distribute and monetize games, a substantial opportunity for our development community.”

GameMaker: Studio allows developers to distribute their games on platforms including the Amazon App Store, Chrome, Facebook, Google Play, the Apple App Store, Steam, the Windows Store and the Ubuntu Software Center.

The software’s simple to use drag-and-drop interface has made it a hit with indies, professionals and those looking to get into coding for the first time.

Canonical’s director of consumer software David Pitkin added: “As the third most popular desktop operating system Ubuntu reaches 20 million users around the globe. With GameMaker: Studio, it couldn’t be easier to publish games to the Ubuntu Software Center and take advantage of the opportunity to reach a new audience. We can’t wait for all of the awesome GameMaker: Studio games to arrive for Ubuntu in the coming weeks and months.”

GameMaker: Studio Ubuntu Export can be purchased from YoYo Games website, and is coming soon to Steam’s Software Store for $99.

The Ubuntu Export is free for existing and future purchasers of GameMaker: Studio Master Collection. GameMaker: Studio Professional and the Ubuntu Export module are required for publishing to the Ubuntu Software Center.

To find out more about GameMaker: Studio Ubuntu Export, visit YoYo Games’ website.

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