Garriott suing NCsoft for $24m?

Six months on from his seemingly amicable departure from Korean MMO firm NCsoft, it is now being claimed that space-traveller Richard Garriott is to sue his former employer for $24m.

Kotaku reports that documents from the Texas Western District Court show that Garriott is accusing the firm of fraud.

In addition, GamePolitics claims to have word that Garriott was in fact sacked by NCsoft earlier this year, and did leave of his own accord as claimed. His grievance stems from the fact that NCsoft is now claiming he walked, robbing him of some potential stock options.

Garriott left NCsoft after the relative failure of recent MMO outing Tabula Rasa, which eventually shut down operations earlier this year, just 16 months after hitting the market.

He’s best known for the successful Ultima Online series, though he also worked on popular hits such as Lineage II and City of Heroes.

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