Intel Developer Blog: Breaking the myth of what hackathons are really like

Get a free IoT developer kit at Intel’s London hackathon

If you’ve never been to a hackathon before, don’t be shy! Grace Metri attended her first hackathon recently and wrote a thought-provoking article about that experience for Intel Developer Zone, breaking down some of the myths about hackathons.

It’s easy to imagine that these events are only attended by the elite, but she writes reassuringly that they’re supportive environments, where people of any age and background can come along, work as part of a team and learn from their colleagues.

If there’s one thing I’ve found from the hackathons I’ve been to, it’s that people who love programming love to share that passion by helping others too. You don’t need to start the event with a big idea, either: you can partner with others you meet on the day and see what you want to develop together. While there might be prizes on offer, it’s more about people enjoying the coding experience than it is about single-minded competition.

If Grace’s blog has whetted your appetite, there are opportunities coming up soon for you to take part in a coding event. Intel is running a series of events for Internet of Things (IoT) developers, giving them a chance to learn more about platforms such as the Intel® Edison and Intel® Galileo development boards. Consult the events guide on IDZ to find out more about what’s on offer. If you can get to London, there’s a free IoT Roadshow hackathon taking place in June, which offers a chance for the first 100 attendees to get a free Intel Edison developer board.

To find out more about Intel technologies for the Internet of Things, visit the recently revamped IoT section of IDZ, where you can discover tutorials, tech guides, software downloads and more.

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