Gold Mega Drive pack heads to PC

Sega has announced that the Mega Drive Classic Collection: Gold Edition will be released on PC on March 18th.

The four-disc retail bundle will feature all 45 games from previous Mega Drive Classic Collections on PC, including Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Shining Force and Virtua Fighter 2.

Gold Edition will feature customisable keyboard support and multiplayer modes in selected titles. A save and load functionality also allows gamers to continue from where they left off.

Other games in the bundle include Golden Axe, Ecco the Dolphin, Columns, ToeJam & Earl and Streets of Rage. The full list is on Sega’s website.

A statement from Sega read: The Sega Mega Drive Classic Collection Gold Edition is the definitive compilation for any fan of Sega games from the nostalgic Mega Drive console’s era.”

The Mega Drive originally launched in Japan in 1988 and went on sale in the UK in 1990.

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