Greenlight dev pulls game and compares Steam community to poo

The developer of DarkBase 01 has pulled his game from Valve’s Steam service and left in its wake a message attacking the games community.

As spotted by Kotaku, developer Solar Storm’s Greenlight title had been the subject of some heavy criticism from users of the service.

Yesterday the game’s Steam page saw all of its content and buy button removed, simply to be replaced by an image (which you can see below) likening the service’s community to a pile of faeces. Furthermore, everything was taken down from its official website other than the blunt message Nothing to see Here. Go Away.”

Shortly afterwards Steam pulled the game’s page completely, although its Greenlight page can still be seen.

I’ve made the decision to start shutting down my game, DarkBase 01,” communications from the developer preserved by Reddit say. Throughout the two years of this ordeal. I’ve learned one important thing – the gaming community has a lot of growing up to do if they are ever to be taken seriously by the rest of the world.

I’ve never witnessed such a vile and childish community of people – and if that’s the way that they want to be – then so be it.

I’m in my 40’s and I simply have no time for childish behaviour – so I’m putting the gaming community behind me – and frankly, it’s getting boring. All I see now is drama and more drama – like a bloody soap opera. I’m back in the graphic design community – where more mature people reside – and this is where I’ll stay from here onward."

Which is all well and fine apart from the fact that there are people who paid for a game that the developer has now decided he can’t be arsed with anymore.

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