Hackers break PSP 3000

The PSP has been a firm favourite in the homebrew and hacking community ever since it first arrived at retail – and now it appears that the recently released PSP 3000 model has also been cracked wide open.

MaxConsole reports that a new device called the Datel Lite Blue Tool allows users to access the PSP’s service menu, from which the firmware can be altered, allowing for both homebrew and illegally pirated games to be used.

The technical explanation of the hack reads: Although there were early indications that the PSP3000 had embedded Service Mode capability, it was clear that silicon level investigation would be required to understand the new mechanism.

Once the target IC had been identified, our engineers then de-capsulated the device and prepared it for hi-resolution SEM imaging.

The engineers then used circuit extraction to reveal the additional service mode only encryption functions which were not present on earlier generation PSPs. In order to be compatible with these encryption functions, Datel created an advanced IC controller, which will be put straight into use in their newest service mode battery technology.”

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