Midnight Animal is a heavily altered version of the original top-down neon-drenched shooter

Hotline Miami dev Dennaton blesses fan spin-off for release

Dennaton Games, the creator of iconic shooter series Hotline Miami, has greenlit a modified version of the game made by a fan for a full release.

Midnight Animal is heavily based on the source code of the 2012 original, down to the appearance of its main menu and soundtrack, which borrows many of the artists from the first game.

Lead developer Spencer Yan explained on Midnight Animal’s Steam Greenlight page that he contacted Dennaton, who authorised it for release under a set of conditions: “don’t sell it, and make sure no one can access the source code.”

In order to fund development of the standalone mod, Yan has launched a Patreon page which he states will finance his overall work, rather than Midnight Animal specifically.

“It’s vital to thank Jonatan Soderstrom and Dennis Wedin, the brilliant minds behind the creative powerhouse which is Dennaton Games,” Yan added in a blog post.

“First, for creating the very game which inspired my career; but even more so, for having the generosity to not just allow me to make this game as a tribute to a series which I love so much, but also for letting me release it to so many others as well, who love it just as much as I do.”

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