Igarashi blames Konami departure on hardcore demise

The push away from traditional core gaming to more social-focused titles was the reason for Koji Igarashi’s decision to quit Konami.

The Castlevania producer announced his departure on Monday.

"The more hardcore the game the less suitable it is for the casual market," Igarashi told Polygon at GDC. "Unfortunately, I’m good at making core experiences, so it was two years of making a game that leaned too ‘hardcore’ for the social market. So it was cancelled. Then I’d try again and be cancelled. And again and be cancelled.

"There was a little frustration on my part trying to make that leap. I was frustrated with myself, but it’s kind of disappointing that during this time, the fans were constantly saying ‘We want more core 2D Metroidvania experiences’ and I was, of course, in trying this new foray, unable to appease them to make them happy as well.

I couldn’t make the transition but I also couldn’t continue to make the games I wanted to make. So there was some disappointment.

"But [making games is a] business and therefore you need to follow what the market dictates. Since the market dictated that social games were profitable and making money then that’s something as a creator that you can’t totally ignore."

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