Incredipede launch day sales on Steam surpass previous four months

Indie developer Northway Games has revealed its IGF-nominated title Incredipede sold more copies in its first 24 hours on Steam, than the previous four months of independent sales combined.

Speaking with Joystiq, Colin and Sarah Northway spoke on the sobering moments after the game’s launch on their website.

"There were tears. There were all the stages of loss," Sarah said in regard to Incredipede’s original launch.

Then March 18th arrived, and in just that day alone, everything turned around thanks to the title’s release on Valve’s platform.

"It’s really good," Colin said. "I mean, it wasn’t good for the four months, but it was good for the one day. And now it’s doing well. It didn’t just drop off to nothing. It’s not going to make us rich, but we’re actually going to get paid for the work we did. We have enough money to make another game."

The statement reaffirms that Steam is still king of the castle in regards to digital distribution of PC, Mac, and Linux titles, but it also speaks to the fact that Valve’s online store might be the only viable option for indie developers looking to launch on the computer platform.

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