Injustice 2 sweeps to PC today

DC-themed brawler Injustice 2 will today hit Steam in the form of an open beta.

The game has until now been exclusive to consoles, but at some stage on October 25th will arrive on PC in beta. The port is being handled by QLOC, which previously handled PC duties for Mortal Kombat X.

The roster includes characters such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, Cyborg, Harley Quinn and Green Arrow.

The aforementioned Mortal Kombat X was once the centre of heated anger among some elements of the PC player base after it was seemingly abandoned by Warner, leaving owners stuck with a number of technical and performance issues. Coming on the back of the disastrous PC launch of Batman: Arkham Knight, it felt like a bit of a final-nail-in-the-coffin scenario.

Warner and NetherRealm remained silent for around six months until suddenly the lines of communication were restored. Having previously said that the game’s new content would be available only to console players, it was indeed eventually rolled out to PC. Beta tests also ironed out the problems with the game’s net code and some hefty patches offered lots of fixes..

All of which ultimately led to a lot of positivity for the game’s PC release. That Injustice 2 will kick off with an open beta is an excellent sign.

“In Injustice 2, we are introducing new features that will change the way fans play fighting games,” the creative director of original developer NetherRealm Studios Ed Boon said of the game upon its initial announcement back in 2016.  “We’re always interested in pushing the genre forward and allowing players to customise and level-up their favourite DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains is a significant leap.”

Warner Bros Interactive president David Haddad added: “Expanding the DC Universe in games continues to be one of our top priorities, and Injustice™ 2 showcases amazing gameplay and an original story to bring the characters to life for players.  NetherRealm Studios is offering fans an experience of customising and battling with DC’s iconic characters in an entirely new way.”

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