Studio opens online games division, Insomniac Click

Insomniac wants to bring depth to social games

Independent triple-A studio Insomniac is the latest firm to join the social games race – a sector which has proven to be as lucrative as it is divisive for the studio’s core audience.

Insomniac, which develops blockbuster titles such as Resistance Fall of Man and Ratchet & Clank, said it had begun work on social games as a “pragmatic necessity”.

An internal team of five, including studio creative officer Brian Hastings, is now developing a Facebook game. The firm is hiring in a bid to expand its social arm.

Revealing the news through a blog post, Hastings insisted that the social division – called Insomniac Click – will not interrupt the studio’s triple-A projects.

“This is an expansion of the company rather than a shift,” he said.

“All our existing teams are still 100 per cent dedicated to making unforgettable AAA console experiences.”

But, he added, the number of games and platforms are diversifying faster than ever.

“We believe there will always be a market for what we call ‘core’ games,” he said, though added that “the industry appears to be in the midst of what appears to be a sea-change”.

Hastings said that the social games offerings in 2010 were “shallow” in comparison to traditional games, and pledged to change this with Insomniac Click.

“We are dedicated to taking the qualities that define our brand – deep worlds, rich stories, accessible gameplay – and applying them to new game experiences that anyone in the world can play,” he said.

The studio has published its ethos for making social games, which can be found here.

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