Intel and AMD join forces to take on Nvidia’s portable graphics dominance

Fierce CPU rivals Intel and AMD have surprised the PC world by announcing a partnership to produce Intel Core CPUs with integrated AMD graphics.

The aim is to offer a new type of laptop processor that can offer the performance of dedicated gaming laptops in ultra-slim machines, cutting Nvidia’s successful mobile GeForce series GPUs out of the loop. The chips, which are described as an “evolution” of Intel’s powerhouse 8th-generation Core line, could be available as early as Q1 2018.

PC World confirms that it was Intel who approached AMD about the venture. The design revolves around a new technology called the ‘Embedded Multi-die Interconnect Bridge’, which allows a CPU, GPU chip and embedded memory to communicate at extremely high speeds.

“It’s a prime example of hardware and software innovations intersecting to create something amazing that fills a unique market gap,” vice president of Intel’s Client Computing Group Chris Walker said in the official statement.

“Helping to deliver on our vision for this new class of product, we worked with the team at AMD’s Radeon Technologies Group. In close collaboration, we designed a new semi-custom graphics chip, which means this is also a great example of how we can compete and work together, ultimately delivering innovation that is good for consumers.”

Intel says that it is working closely with AMD to ensure the day one delivery of drivers for new games, although interestingly it will be the former that is responsible for rolling them out.

The news comes on the back of years-old rumours of Intel moving to acquire AMD, which still struggles in the eyes of investors and has had to contend with ongoing bankruptcy predictions.

AMD has played down this talk, however, with AMD’s Radeon VP and GM Scott Herkelman telling PCWorld that: “We’re constantly looking at different things inside AMD, but this is really Intel’s project… and we’re helping them execute on it.”

Added Herkelman in the AMD press release: ““Our collaboration with Intel expands the installed base for AMD Radeon GPUs and brings to market a differentiated solution for high-performance graphics.

“Together, we are offering gamers and content creators the opportunity to have a thinner-and-lighter PC capable of delivering discrete performance-tier graphics experiences in AAA games and content creation applications.”

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