Intel reveals 6-core and 8-core i7 processors

Two six-core and one eight-core processor are on the way from Intel.

The new Core i7 5960X will house eight processors, all of which are multi-threaded for 16 threads, and ship with a base clock of 3.0GHz and boost clock of 3.5GHz. It has an RRP of $999.

There are also two six-core processors – the 3.5-3.7Ghz i7 5930K for $583 and the 3.3-3.6GHz i7 5820K.

The 5960X and 5930K offer 40-lane PCI-E support while the 5820K is restricted to 28-lane PCI-E. All three will support DDR4 RAM and come unlocked.

The i7 4790K and i5 4690K will remain available as part of Intel’s current produce range priced at $339 and $242 respectively.

Intel is also releasing a liquid cooling solution called the TS13X.

Meanwhile, Anandtech reports that AMD is preparing its own new CPUs in the form of the FX-8320E, FX-8370 and FX-8370E.

The 8320E appears to be a less power hungry version of the existing 8320, with the 8370 apparently offering an ever so slight performance boost over the current 8350.

The existing FX-9590 will remains AMD’s high-end offer, with a base frequency of 4.7GHz and a boost frequency of 5.0GHz.

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