Is No Man’s Sky guaranteed to come out on PC?

Will there definitely be a PC version of No Man’s Sky? Comments from creator Sean Murray suggest perhaps not.

The game was announced for both PC and PS4 but having already expressed his delight at being part of Sony’s E3 2014 conference Murray now says he would like” the game to be released on PC.

The wording is we’re doing a console debut on PS4,” Murray told Eurogamer. The thing that that leaves open is a PC version.

If I’m honest, we’re taking on quite a lot at the moment. We’re definitely coming to PS4. I would like to come to PC. Whether that arrives the same day – we’re a small team.”

Timed exclusivity for Sony’s platform has previously been confirmed.

Murray also stressed that some onlookers have misinterpreted early game footage by thinking No Man’s Sky is this ambient indie game that you walk around and look at trees and scan them, like some universal Pokemon Snap”. Survival will actually be top of the agenda.

"The idea, with the gameplay that we showed, is that the planets are dangerous. What we’re making has core action. I hope we got that across,” he added.

When you’re on a planet, there are creatures that are dangerous. You see the drones and they’re just a sneak peak of the mechanical, and you can interact with – they can be dangerous and they can be friendly. You are really interacting in this universe."

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