John Romero discusses upcoming shooter

Former id Software designer and current Loot Drop CEO John Romero has provided new info regarding his upcoming FPS.

Romero gave Eurogamer a few details to chew on, including that the title will likely be an ‘MMO-ish’ persistent world game that will be developed for PC first.

"Yes, I’m definitely going to be making another shooter and it will be on PC first. I don’t want to talk about the details but I already know what it is. I’ve already kind of designed the thing and it’s pretty cool – though of course, I am going to say that. I think it’s a neat design, I haven’t seen the design anywhere else.

It’s a persistent game, it has persistent player data, the character grows and gets better over time. I think most gamers expect that now anyway, but this was a design I’d done a while ago. I think it’s pretty valid.”

That said, the game is apparently nowhere near development at the moment; and Romero wouldn’t comment on when development would begin or if it would be under the Loot Drop name.

"I wouldn’t want to give out any specifics until I’m close to shipping it. I’ve learned my lesson about talking too soon about specific game features and release dates."

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