Intel Developer Blog: Sofftalkblog offers some top tips for mobile app navigation

Jumping right in – user friendly login and navigation on mobile apps

Creating a great user experience for your mobile app depends on a great number of things – but an important thing to think about is the limited time and patience your user is likely to have.

The average consumer spends 127 minutes a day using mobile apps, according to LocalVox, and much of this is on the move. The chances are that your users aren’t keen to spend much of those two hours trying to log in or navigate the app.

Digital product design expert Luke Wroblewski has created a series of videos to help coders understand what small differences in design can mean for the user – in some cases it’s a dramatic improvement in user experience.

Login is a critical part of the user experience (UX). How many times have you been irked by having to tap multiple times to log in when you want to use an app? Wroblewski thinks that one tap login is ideal and has some great examples of how different apps achieve this – it’s worth watching the video to see the examples.

Another important factor in your app’s UX is navigation. Many apps, including some of the most successful, lead with content. This allows the user to jump right into their app usage, rather than needing to navigate options which might not make a lot of sense if they haven’t used the app before. It also raises the question of figuring out what content to lead with, how to present it and, of course, where to put your navigation so that it remains obvious. Again, Wroblewski’s video includes some great examples of how this has been done well… and not so well.

What are your top tips for mobile app navigation?

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