League of Legends is finally getting replays

After thousands of requests from players over the years Riot Games is finally adding a replay system to League of Legends.

Currently players wanting to watch replays of their games must use third party software or simply record the action as they are playing. However this is a bit of a pain to do, and many people simply don’t bother.

But soon, with the launch of the pre season patch after Worlds, replays will be added to the client. Players can download the replay of the game at the post game screen or in their match history and then watch it in the new Replay Mode, which is similar to the current spectator mode. A new annotated timeline shows key moments of each match and highlights can be made within the client, which will be stored on your hard drive as a .webm file.

This news comes just days after Riot announced that solo queue would be returning next season. At the start of this season Riot removed solo queue in favour of dynamic queue, however fans hated the new system, and let Riot know about it. With the upcoming pre season patch solo queue will return and dynamic queue will be no more.

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