Valve's survey shows Linux already accounts for two per cent of users

Linux close to overtaking Mac on Steam

Valve’s latest Steam survey shows Linux is already close to overtaking Mac in terms of user base.

Steam for Linux recently left beta testing, and is now available for download through the Ubuntu store.

But it isn’t just Ubuntu users getting on board.

Linux Mint is also listed by name, with 0.17 per cent of users, and 0.14 per cent of users used some other 64 bit linux distribution.

All told, Linux accounts for 2.02 per cent of Steam users just a month after launch.

This compares with Mac’s claim to 3.07 per cent.

What is perhaps most surprising to Linux users is seeing that Ubuntu 12.10 is the most popular distribution. Generally Ubuntu users are advised to wait for distributions marked LTS (long term support), which are the most stable and complete.

There could be several reasons for this, but it seems to suggest that the majority of those using Linux on Steam are new to the open source OS.

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