Man starts a Kickstarter… to fund his Elite Kickstarter pledge

Author Drew Wagar has taken to Kickstarter to try and raise the funds he needs to pledge money on a separate Kickstarter project.

Yes, really.

He wants to raise 4,500 so he can make a near top-level pledge to David Braben’s Elite Dangerous Kickstarter. Donating this amount will allow him to write a piece of licensed Elite fiction that can be independently published without any royalty payments to Braben. Furthermore, Braben’s game will be designed to take into account the narrative featured in the proposed book.

As preposterous as all this might sound, Wager’s campaign is actually going well. With 38 days still left to run he has already raised 2,551 from 113 backers.

And despite the questions being asked of projects such as Elite: Dangerous by outlets – including MCV – that also seems to be going well. At the time of writing the game has raised 585,498 of its 1.25m goal with 39 days still to run.

The story isn’t as positive for other projects, however.

Dizzy Returns, the announcement of which led to MCV’s publication of this piece, is struggling to gain traction. At the time of writing it has raised just 13,394 of its 350,000 target.

Even cult indie hit Johann Sebastian Joust looks like it will fail in its pledge, with the innovative PlayStation Move title still $100k short of its target with only two weeks to go.

Peter Molyneux’s Godius is progressing OK with 145k raised of its 450k target, although the UK development hero must secretly be concerned that it’s not showing the momentum some would have expected and is still far from certain to succeed.

There have been recent success, of course, with sci-fi RTS Maia having hit its targets with just two days to go.

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