Intel Developer Blog: Softtalkblog looks at methods for improving energy performance in your apps

Measuring and Analysing Your Apps with Intel Software Development Assistant

Profiling and testing your applications is an important step not only to ensure optimal performance but also to ensure efficient battery life on the device running the app.

Mobile devices are becoming more and more powerful but this means that energy efficient software development considerations become even more critical so that device battery life keeps up with the demands.

Intel Software Development Assistant (Intel SDA) is one way of making energy performance testing easier with its Energy Efficient Performance (EEP) module, which provides a holistic view of the impact to device battery life by taking energy measurements from the system as it executes specific workloads within your application.

As well as energy reporting, Intel SDA offers additional benefits for application testing including:

• Ability to measure both Instrumented and Non-instrumented code: by defining the level at which measurement is needed, overall application or specific workloads within the application to tailor code optimisation.

• Simple and intuitive UI – means the testing software is quicker to learn meaning you become productive faster.

• Comprehensive reports – dynamic analysis is provided through a visually rich interface.

• Offline access to test results via data files – custom analysis is possible through the ability to import test results or alternatively through using custom data analysis packages.

• Support for both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

• Integration with Intel Developer Zone membership – test results are saved along with your Intel DZ profile meaning you have one convenient place for current and historical test data.

The Intel Software Developer Assistant is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. You can find more tools for energy efficiency at the Intel Developer Zone. Check them out for easy ways to improve energy performance of your applications – because after all, no one likes a dead battery.

• This blog post is written by Softtalkblog, and is sponsored by the Intel Developer Zone, which helps you to develop, market and sell software and apps for prominent platforms and emerging technologies powered by Intel Architecture.

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