Studio co-founders to change how they interact with community moving forward

Mike Maulbeck rejoins Code Avarice after Newell threats

The developer who threatened to kill Gabe Newell on Twitter has returned to Code Avarice after backtracking on his decision to leave.

Last month Mike Maulbeck posted a series of angry tweets after Valve listed Paranautical Activity as available in Steam Early Access during a promotion, when it had been given full release.

Following his outburst, the title was pulled from sale on Steam, and Maulbeck later announced his decision to sell his half of the studio and give up his rights to its IP. The developer said he was “deeply sorry” for his “short sighted, hot tempered actions”.

The indie dev has now returned to the studio however, and moving forward he and co-founder Travis Pfenning have said they will work together on the company’s blogs and messaging.

“In retrospect we should have waited until everything was finalised before making the announcement, but Mike was extremely eager to just get out and never look back,” read a statement on the Code Avarice site. “He posted the announcement to the site before even talking to Travis about his intentions.”

It added: “From now on rather than blog posts being written and signed by one of the developers, they will all be co-written by Mike and Travis, and written from the perspective of the company rather than an individual.”

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