Minecraft hits 20m sales across all platforms

The seemingly unending sales onslaught of Minecraft has brought the title to another major milestone.

The indie sandbox block-builder blockbuster has surpassed 20m units sold across its four available platforms, according to Mojang’s Jens Bergensten via Twitter.

The company went on to reveal some key numbers for last year, announcing the game sold 1.2m copies during Christmas week, and a whopping 15m copies overall in 2012.

Bergensten added that the PC version alone had sold 9m, and sales numbers for the iOS and Android versions have been updated at 7.3m.

Couple that with Mojang announcing earlier this month that the XBLA take on the title had hit 5m sales, and that math has the game well over the mark.

It also indicates the game is off to a hot start this year, with an estimated 1.4m copies moved already in 2013 with still a week remaining in January.

Could the title actually match, or perhaps even top itself year-over-year?

It’s on pace for it in the early going, but if Minecraft is to sell at least another 15m copies in the next 12 months, it would likely be behind the added strength of new platforms. No one in their right mind (Sony, Nintendo, and/or Valve, for example) would turn away the chance to sell the game through their marketplace, so the ball would seem to be in Mojang’s court.

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