"Modified" version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution rated – Wii U release in the works?

Square Enix could be on the verge of announcing a Wii U version of sci-fi epic Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

CVG spotted a listing for a modified” version of the title with the Australian Classification Board, which it speculates could be for DLC or possibly even a Wii U port.

The latter theory might seem a bit extreme, but as Eurogamer points out, Australian studio Straight Right has previously confirmed that it is working on a big” Wii U port – a project that was later confirmed as a Square Enix game.

Straight Right was the outfit behind the Wii U version of Mass Effect 3, a game that was mechanically sound even if it did perform well below expectations at retail.

The port, if confirmed, would be welcome news for the console, which has been shunned by recent multiformat action releases such as Crysis 3.

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