Indie Fund backs another winner as Pocketwatch title is repayment-fit in three days

Monaco grossed $120k before its release

Indie action puzzle game, Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine, made enough money to payoff its external investment before it was even released, the studio behind the game has revealed.

Pocketwatch Games’ Monaco was backed by Indie Fund, an intuitive to support independent developers with a flexible cash package for their game, and this is not the first time one of its backed-projects has managed to reach the repayment stage so swiftly.

Pocketwatch Games developer Andy Schatz said on Twitter: “Man our direct sales have been crazy good with all this press.

“After Steam/Humble fees we’ve grossed $120K since December 10. Have to pay back $100K loan from Indie Fund first.”

Pre-orders for Monaco went live on the Humble Store in December, followed by Steam pre-orders on April 17th. Just three days later the game had made $120,000, with its release still due on April 24th.

Other past successes that have been backed by Indie Fund include Dear Esther, which made enough to repay its $55,000 investment in just 5.5 hours, and QUBE, which sold over 12,000 copies after four days on Steam, allowing it to repay the investment of $90,000.

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