New Playnomics report reveals 85 per cent of social gamers play titles for just a single day

Most social players move on after 24 hours

A new report by industry analysts Playnomics has investigated the reality of player acquisition, and found that most consumers playing social games move on to other titles after a single day.

Specifically, the report concluded the some 85 per cent acquired between July and September this year moved on from a game after just one day.

Furthermore, the ‘Quarterly US Player Engagement Study’ found that is similarly hard to move those players that do stay between titles. The report found that 95 per cent of those questioned in the study stopped playing the new social games they had begun playing by the close of September.

Other stats that emerged from the report, available to download here, revealed that players are most likely to play on Saturdays, but play the longest on Mondays, and spend the most on Fridays. It also claims females churn at a higher rate than men, but play for longer before doing so.

Image credit: Playnomics

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