Multiplay to host Ready At Dawn’s Deformers

Ready At Dawn is to partner with the UK-based game server hosting specialist Multiplay to host its new physics-based arena brawler, Deformers, which releases today.

Multiplay previously hosted Respawn’s Titanfall 2 and Tripwire Interactive’s Killing Floor 2 last year. Using its own hybrid cloud orchestration service, Multiplay’s technology allows Ready At Dawn to use multiple cloud and bare-metal servers at the same time, including major cloud providers such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure for additional coverage as well as nearly unlimited scaling.

From the moment we became aware of Multiplay’s Hybrid Hosting service we knew that it would be the ideal solution for Deformers," said Andrea Pessino, CTO at Ready At Dawn.

"Their Clanforge technology allows us to offer our players more physical server regions than other services we explored, while retaining flexible, responsive scaling and dynamic server specifications. This coverage means lower latency for more players, a crucial factor for a multiplayer-only action game such as Deformers.

"What we did not know was just how much passion and dedication the Multiplay team has for games and game development, and how much fun it would be to work with them on bringing Deformers to gamers everywhere. We are grateful for their enthusiasm and support with our game, and we are confident that by partnering with them we are providing our players with one of the best online hosting services currently available."

Paul Manuel, digital director at Multiplay, added: Deformers has all the elements to become an enormously successful game. Launching a brand new IP with this amount of potential presents the classic hosting challenge we specialize in, i.e: ‘How much server capacity will the game need?’Our auto-scaling technology will ensure that servers spin up in line with the player demand. We will be using bare metal and multi-cloud infrastructure so there is no fear of capacity issues. The team love Deformers and can’t wait to see the game take-off.”

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