NRG eSports disbands its League of Legends team

After being relegated from the NA LCS just a few days ago, NRG eSports has lost all of its League of Legends players.

According to a report from ESPN, NRG’s contracts permitted lawful termination if the team was relegated. This means that NRG currently has no League of Legends players signed to its organisation, making it unclear if they will be building a new team to compete in the challenger series next year.

Lucas Santorin” Larsen, Lee GBM” Chang-seok and Alan Kiwikid” Nguyen have all confirmed that they are free agents and looking for new opportunities. However Kiwikid has said that he is looking for a non-playing role while GBM has said he intends to switch to the jungle for next season.

Barry KoreanEdelweiss” Lee, the manager of the former NRG team, mentioned that he, along with GBM and Oh Ohq” Gyu-min, will be returning to South Korea.

The only player yet to comment on his future plans is Diego Quas” Ruiz, who played in the top lane for NRG.

Having just picked up a top Overwatch team, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the NRG organization sell its place in the Challenger Series in order to focus on other eSports.

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