Nvidia details its GTX 780Ti, the world’s fastest single GPU

There’s a new graphics card daddy in town.

Nvidia has at last lifted the veil of secrecy surrounding the GeForce 780Ti, and what we’ve got is the single fastest GPU in the world today.

The Keplar-powered card features 25 per cent more cores than the old 780 – a card that it is on average 12 per cent faster than. And at times the improvement can be even more pronounced.

And while it can in some tests fall short of twin-GPUs such as the Radeon 7990 or GTX 690, it betters every other single-core GPU on the market – including AMD’s new R9 290X. And thanks to the variable performance of the 290X’s adaptive architecture, the gains can be quite significant, too.

Indeed, the only disadvantage it has compared to the 290X is its 3GB of video RAM. AMD’s card carries 4GB and even the now toppled Titan offers 6GB.

There’s something to consider though – while the 290X retails for around 450 prices for the 780Ti start at 559. For the money gamers are not only getting an increase in performance, of course – they’re also getting cooler running temperatures and lower operating volumes.

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