Nvidia GTX 780Ti and Radeon R9 290 benchmarked, priced

The two latest competitors into what has turned out to be a very ‘heated’ battle in the PC graphics card market have at last been detailed.

Firstly, Nvidia’s long-awaited GTX 780Ti has been specced by VideoCardz which shows that the card is not only a Titan-killer, but also the better of the Radeon R9 290X at standard resolutions – although AMD’s card retakes the lead when playing at 4K.

However, at $699 the 780Ti has not only the $550 R9 290X but also the new $400 R9 290.

AMD’s 290 looks to offer tremendous performance for the price, bettering nearly every card on the market – and even the 290X at some games at the very highest resolutions.

There’s a price to pay for the performance, however – AMD’s new card runs even hotter and, perhaps more worryingly, louder than the 290X, apparently hitting 95 degrees within minutes and operating at what AnandTech describes as unreasonable” loudness.

Still, now the dust has settled, at just $400 the R9 290 looks like the likeliest contender to win the high-end GPU war, with ultra-monied enthusiasts perhaps opting instead for the 780Ti.

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