Nvidia has officially announced the GTX 1080 Ti

The last GPU in Nvidia’s Pascal family has finally been announced.

The GTX 1080 Ti looks not only to be a Titan X beater, but also offer a significant jump over the existing GTX 1080. In fact, Nvidia estimates a performance gain of some 35 per cent, which is better than the estimated 25 per cent jump between the 980 and 980 Ti and miles ahead of the 18 per cent jump seen between the 780 and 780 Ti.

The specs are remarkably similar to the Titan X, with just 1GB less of video memory, coming in at 11GB, although it does pack the latest GDDR5X, which gives it a slightly better memory bandwidth.

However, where it definitely beats its big-name predecessor is on clock speed – 1,480MHz versus 1,417MHz. The boost speed is 1,582MHz versus 1,531MHz. You can expect decent overclocking potential, however. There are also slightly fewer render output units, although the CUDA core count is the same (3,584).

As is the way with Nvidia cards of late, the 1080 Ti will launch as a Founders Edition, although it will be priced at the same level as the partner cards that will shortly follow. The FE will also boast a new design with twice the cooling area.

The card is going to be sold as the golden ticket to 4K gaming at 60fps. It should also do well among VR enthusiasts, for whom extra power is always a welcome help.

All of which means buyers will get slightly above Titan X performance for around half the price – $699. It should be noted too that prices for the current selection of 1080s on the market have now been cut by around $100.

The GTC 1080 Ti could launch as soon as next week.

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