Nvidia launches budget Maxwell GPUs in India – GTX 750, GTX 750 Ti

Nvidia yesterday introduced the first graphics cards to incorporate its new Maxwell GPU architecture – the Geforce GTX 750 and Geforce GTX 750 Ti.

Both GPUs are targeted at the entry level, with prices starting at Rs 9,900 for the GTX 750, and Rs 11,990 for the GTX 750 Ti.

This is the first time Nvidia has launched a new graphics architecture with an entry-level GPU, which also happens the be the highest selling segment of graphics cards in India.

Graphics cards featuring the new GPU will be sold by Asus, Zotac, Galaxy, Gainward and Palit, with Zotac having already revealed three cards based on the new GPUs – Geforce GTX 750, Zotac Geforce GTX 750, and Zotac Geforce GTX 750 Ti OC.

One of the standout feature of the new Maxwell technology in these graphics cards is the higher performance/watt ratio, which allows these graphics cards – owing to their small form factor and low power consumption – to be installed in even regular home PCs with 300W power supplies.

Nvidia believes regular home users and new gamers will be able to install 750 series graphics cards without upgrading any other components.

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