Nvidia removes GeForce drivers after serious widespread faults

Graphics specialist Nvidia has been forced to pull its most recent GPU drivers after widespread reports of serious issues with users’ machines.

The problems with 364.47, which was released to coincide with The Division, were pretty serious, with some users caught in a blue screen loop that prevented them from booting their machines.

The complications seemed most acute for users with more than one monitor, and for those using an SLI multi-GPU set up, although it appears that the issues affected more standard users too.

Initially Nvidia began advising users to choose a clean custom installation for the drivers over the usual ‘express’ route, although this did not quell the complaints. Many people were forced to boot into safe mode and either system restore to an earlier point or roll back their drivers.

The company eventually pulled the driver altogether and later released a beta 364.51 version, which is not delivered by automatic update unless specifically instructed. This seems to have fixed the multi-monitor problems, although reports persist that SLI users are suffering from repeated crashes.

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