Nvidia to launch GTX 900 series next month

There won’t be a GTX 800 series range, with Nvidia believed to be preparing to launch its GTX 900 series of graphics cards next month.

Videocardz.com had initially reported that the 900s would arrive this month, but newer reports pin a release date for some time in October.

The 800 name was apparently skipped over due to the disparity it would create between Nvidia’s desktop and mobile product lines.

The GTX 980 and GTX 970 will front the line, with the GTX 960 supposedly following slightly later. The current 780Ti, 780, 770 and 760 cards will continue to be officially supported for the mean time, presumably along with the mighty Titan Z.

The top-of-the-range GTX 980 is built using a 28mm chip clocked at 1000MHz with 4GB of video memory. The card is estimated to be around 30 per cent faster than the 780Ti.

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