Nvidia’s 750Ti offers next-gen power for £115

Graphics card maker Nvidia has unveiled the new GTX 750Ti – and the headline is it can outperform an Xbox One.

Nvidia says that it now leads performance per watt revolution with Maxwell graphics architecture” thanks to both the 114.99 GTX 750Ti 2GB and 90 GTX 750 1GB.

GameSpot put the 750Ti through its paces and found that it was able to run Titanfall at 58fps and 1080p with 2XAA – that’s notably better than can be achieved on Xbox One.

Nvidia is highlighting the fact that the 5.7-inch 750Ti doubles the performance of its legacy 550Ti card while consuming half the power. It also matches the GTX 480 for just a quarter of the power.

Nvidia understands that delivering a next-gen gaming experience means a lot more than cranking up the clocks, heat and noise just to eke out a few extra frames per second,” senior VP of content and technology Tony Tamasi said.

Our GameWorks technologies, combined with the performance, power efficiency and cool and quiet operation of the GTX 750 Ti and 750, dramatically change the way gamers can play.”

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