OnLive goes live in UK this autumn

Game streaming service OnLive will launch in the UK this autumn, the firm has confirmed.

Registration for the cloud gaming platform will go live as E3 opens, at 8PM on June 7th next week, at

In the UK, British Telecom has exclusive rights to bundle the OnLive Game Service with its broadband offerings after investing in the company last year. BT is already trialling the service with customers.

Dedicated data servers are also being built in the UK, the firm has told MCV, and OnLive also plans to set up offices in this country too.

The dedicated OnLive Micro Console will also go on sale in the UK, however the firm said it couldn’t name retail partners just yet.

OnLive launched in the US last year.
OnLive will hit UK shores with a vastly more expanded offering than the US launch a year ago,” said Steve Perlman, OnLive Founder and CEO.

OnLive UK will launch with over 100 games, including the latest top titles, full compatibility across a wide range of HDTVs, tablet/smartphone devices and most PCs and Macs, as well as a wide range of exclusive social features, including massive international spectating/voice chat, Brag Clip videos and instant-play Facebook integration.”

In terms of pricing, gamers will be able to pay a monthly fee and also one-off charges to access the service.

OnLive will also be ‘steadily’ expanding to other European countries as well as to other continents following the UK launch.

The announcement of the UK launch came as part of a wide range of announcements that included Facebook and tablet integration and new partners.

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