PC game Hadean Lands comes with £27 DLC… for a certificate

Consumers purchasing PC title Hadean Landshave the option of shelling out 27 for a digital certificate.

As reported by Kotaku, this digital piece of paper – available as either a PDF or JPG and viewable below – asks consumers to promise to finish the notoriously tough text adventure game without referring to hints and walkthroughs.

Developer Andrew Plotkin says he has already sold one certificate, too.

Why is he asking for consumers to pay for a 27 digital certificate?

When I was a kid, an Infocom text adventure cost $35 brand new,” Plotkin told Kotaku.

Today, an indie graphical adventure costs… well, it varies, but The Witness is $40.

I would love to say that my text adventure is worth $40. Okay, I don’t think I can swing that in the Steam market. Maybe if there were a separate commercial game platform for hard-core text adventure fans, I’d price the game at $40-ish there and $12-ish on Steam. But there isn’t! Oh well. This way, I can at least hint at how I value Hadean Lands.”

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