PC success will determine Crysis’ console fate

Crytek boss Cevat Yerli says that his company’s upcoming FPS Crysis could one day appear on 360 and PS3 – though that decision ultimately depends on the success of next month’s PC release.

Yerli told Game Informer that whilst there has to date been no console development on the title, it is still a possibility: What happens next we haven’t decided yet, because first we want to see how the game is received, publicly and critically.

We believe it will be received at least as strong as Far Cry. I hope personally a five per cent average increase. That would give us an argument to say ‘OK, let’s see how we can bring Crysis to consoles’. The engine right now is running on consoles so there’s no reason why we couldn’t.

In order to make Crysis’s gameplay on console you would have to make a derivative Crysis and optimize it for the Xbox 360 and PS3. In fact, if we do it, we’ll optimize it for each platform. If we would bring it to console we would keep the sophistication. We would not dumb down the experience.”

Crysis will be released in the UK next month.

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