PDXCON: “The people who come are the ambassadors of Paradox” says CEO Wester on eve of publisher’s biggest-ever event

Not every games publisher holds its own convention in its hometown, but maybe more should? Paradox interactive certainly sees the value, as this weekend it will stage PDXCON in Stockholm for the second year as a public event.

That’s not incredibly public mind you, last year just 400 diehard enthusiasts were admitted to the event, and while that number has more than doubled this year to over 800 ticket holders, that’s still only four fans for each of the two hundred Paradox staff that will be here.

"We spend a lot more money on this event than we make in ticket sales, because the event is so important to us, the people who come here are the ambassadors of Paradox," CEO Fredrik Wester tells MCV on the even of the event’s media day, with setup still frantically going on around us.

"I think it’s really important for our people, for Paradox people, we’re going to have 200 people from paradox here over the weekend, and I think it’s good for our people to see how excited other people are about our games."

And it’s those very staff that are the main draw: "The thing attendees rated the highest last year was being able to talk directly to our developers about the games. It wasn’t the show, the announcements, the possibIlity to try the games first, it was just being able to ask the questions you always wanted to ask in person."

Tickets for this year’s event sold out instantly, with Wester telling us that it was the most expensive tickets that went first. With some fans thinking nothing of flying halfway around the world (and back) from Australia to talk the men that make the games that dominate their leisure time.

Top-end tickets cost €495 and come with a huge range of perks, including small LAN groups with the developers and an extra day at paradox’s office after the 3-day event. 30 speakers will be talking at the event this weekend, so there should be something to satsify every Paradox fan.

"It’s a great feeling, this is the place where the gamers meet the people making the game and I think it’s beautiful," Wester concludes.

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