‘It's very important to keep [accessibility] in mind and have a solution,’ says Armature game director Mark Pacini

ReCore devs detail dynamic symbol-based colourblind mode

The creators of upcoming Xbox One and PC title ReCore have revealed how they made its colour-focused gameplay accessible to colourblind players.

ReCore uses core tones, such as red, yellow and blue, to represent characters’ element-based abilities – for example, fire, magic and electricity – and requires players to match colours to be most effective in combat.

Mark Pacini, who is game director at Armature Studio, which is co-developing the title alongside Keiji Inafune’s outlet Comcept, told Polygon that ReCore’s reliance on colours in its mechanics and characterisation forced the developer to invent an innovative approach to accessibility.

"We’ve come up with a dynamic system that turns on with colourblind mode – it’s based around symbols than actual colours," he explained.

"We didn’t think that we’d be able to fix the game by adjusting the colour with of a tinted screen.

“Whenever you turn on colourblind mode, symbols will appear next to the creature health bars as well as all your abilities that coordinate with that."

Pacini added that the inspiration to account for colourblind players came about as a result of having one of the team in the same situation.

"We realised very early on that, because one of our producers is colourblind, that relying so much on a colour system, it’s very important to keep [accessibility] in mind and have a solution," he advised.

ReCore is the latest high-profile title to go the extra mile with regards to accessibility.

Naughty Dog requested the help of DAGER System creator Josh Straub to massively expand the accessibility options in Uncharted 4, while Blizzard similarly made its control customisation ‘extensive’ in Overwatch to cater for those with conditions such as cerebral palsy – both developers were subsequently lauded for their efforts to provide for players of all abilities and situations.

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