Microsoft to ditch backwards-compatibility with next-gen console

Report: Next Xbox to use AMD

Microsoft will be switching to an AMD manufactured combined CPU/GPU processor for its next console, claim sources.

These sources tell Bloomberg that Microsoft is planning a move to the x86 architecture currently used in PCs, making the new console incapable of running game disks formatted for the Xbox 360.

Sony’s PS4 runs on similar hardware, with a combined x86 CPU/GPU. This chip is also manufactured by AMD.

Rumors circulated today that the next Xbox, codenamed Durango, would appear at a May 21st event, and this seems to be corroborated by three sources who said Microsoft would either unveil the console at E3 in June or a separate event in May.

Two sources claimed an April unveiling was deemed unnecessary because the company didn’t feel enough competitive pressure from Sony’s PS4.

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