Gap between number of PlayStation 4 and PC users narrowing

Rocket League attracts over 750,000 players a day

Rocket League attracts more than a million unique players on its busiest days, says Psyonix VP of marketing and communications Jeremy Dunham.

Speaking to Develop, he said that on its slower days the game still hosts anywhere between 750,000 to 800,000 unique players.

The game had launched on PS4 as a free game on PlayStation Plus. It was also released at the same time on Steam, but at the upfront price of £14.99. It’s been downloaded more than six million times, with over 1m purchases on PC. That means the majority of players accessed the game free of charge.

But despite that, Dunham said right now the game is seeing a “pretty equal” ratio of people playing the game who got it for free, versus those who paid.

“We have quite a few players logging in to play the game still 11 weeks after the fact, so we’re really encouraged by that,” he said.

“One thing we found interesting overtime is that the gap between PlayStation and PC users is getting closer. PS users are still by far the majority, because the PS audience was able to get it for free that month. But overtime the PC users are definitely closing that gap, and that’s really encouraging."

Despite being 11 weeks since release, Dunham stated that Rocket League players are now playing the game even more than before.

“We’re also finding that people in general are playing the game a little bit more,” said Dunham. “We’re seeing a higher amount of time spent with the game now than we did in August, for example. So those are all encouraging numbers, and we’re hoping it continues on down the rout.

“We’re realists also that eventually the air is going to slowly dwindle out of our sales in terms of being the hot game, but we’re enjoying it while we can.”

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