MMO outfit debuts sequel as trademark application prompts speculation about new service

RuneScape 3 underway; Jagex download store rumoured

UK MMO developer Jagex is at work on RuneScape 3, and may also be developing a online digital store akin to Steam.

The news of the third instalment in the RuneScape series emerged via a Youtube video that revealed the game. Made with a new HTML5 engine and web GL, RuneScape 3 will not require existing players to create a new account, and will still run through the existing Java client for players with older PCs.

"RuneScape 3 is a big upgrade to the game, building on 12 years of amazing content," stated the game’s executive producer ‘Mod Pips’. "It’s a significant improvement on all fronts."

"The main difference is the way you experience the game itself," added design director ‘Mod Mark’. "The HTML engine really allows us to push the game world to the next level.

"The textures, just the environments you are in feel so much more alive. It really breathes life into everything you see. It changes the way that you just look at the game world. You feel so much more part of everything that is going on."

Meanwhile a trademark application, as spotted by unofficial Jagex news blog, suggests the studio is considering launching its own online digital download games store. The application concerns the trademark ‘Assembly Corp,’ and lists the following description of the potential service:

"A website and web based service for the distribution and management of downloadable games, software, electronic publications and videos. A service which works on multiple platforms, including wireless, mobile, hand-held devices.

"Downloadable software for designing, developing and modifying games. Gaming equipment adapted for use with television receivers. Temporary access to non-downloadable games. A website containing information on gaming tournaments, events and competitions."

Typically trademark registrations list wide ranges of potential uses of the application in question, with a view to protecting any and every possible use, and are often largely speculative, so should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Indeed, the Assembly Corp application also lists the likes of footwear, stickers and ringtones, demonstrating the generalised nature of its focus. However, with several Assembly Corp URLs and a Twitter account recently set-up, it’s possibly something Jagex is taking seriously.

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