Intel Developer Blog: A look at a tool than can help devs carry out crucial performance analysis on extensive CPU and GPU data

Speed up your apps with Intel VTune Amplifier

If you’re writing games or other complex applications that make substantial demands of the devices they run on, then fine-tuning performance will be an important part of your development process. Knowledge is power, and without knowing which functions are hogging all your CPU time, you won’t be able to iron out the lags. 

Intel VTune Amplifier is a tool that enables you to carry out crucial performance analysis on extensive CPU and GPU data, the results of which are visualised on a dashboard so you can see where there are bottlenecks (visible in the source itself) and make appropriate updates. A performance profiler for C, C++, Fortran, Assembly and Java, Intel VTune comes in two versions:

  • VTune Amplifier XE for performance profiling of Windows and Linux applications.
  • VTune Amplifier for Systems for profiling embedded target platforms including energy profiling.

One feature offered on Intel VTune Amplifier XE is a frame rate analysis tool that splits frames into different speed categories so you can see which are running slowly. Users can set the parameters for these groups and use the data to focus their activity on the areas in need of optimisation. This is key to the entire performance optimisation process: VTune Amplifier identifies hotspots and bandwidth issues so that you can direct your attention (and spend your limited developing time) on the areas that need further tuning.

You can download Intel VTune for a 30-day free trial and explore features including:

  • Intuitive CPU and GPU performance tuning
  • Quick performance insight with advanced data visualisation
  • Automated regression tests and remote data collection
  • Simpified parallel performance optimisation

And these features are always being refined, so for a more complete list of the new 2015 features, check out the list here.

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