Steam sees series of concurrent user records, topping out at 13.5m

Steam has seen multiple record-breaking spikes in concurrent user numbers over the past few weeks, peaking out at nearly 13.5m this weekend.

Multiple reports – as well as Valve’sstats pagefor the service – show the game broke concurrent user record marks three times during the second half of October.

The first record came during the weekend of October 17th, when Steam users swelled to over 10.7m at one point. One week later, a new record of over 11.6m was set and prior to the month’s conclusion, yet another record was set – this time leaping to 12.9m.

If that’s not impressive already, the service has topped itself to start this month by hitting a currently standing record of nearly 13.5m (exact figure: 13,480,916) over the past weekend.

The spikes aren’t just rapid, each one is absolutely obliterating the previous figure. That’s not a standard occurrence for Steam – or at least it hasn’t been for a good while now and certainly not at this level.

Prior to these outbursts, Steam’s concurrent user record had stood at just over 10m for a good four months. With four new records in half a month, who knows where or when things will slow down.

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