Steam Spy accuses devs of raising game prices ahead of Steam sale

Steam Spy has accused a number of developers of foul play ahead of the distributor’s latest major sale.

Silicon Anglereports the Steam analytics website called out multiple studios for raising the prices of their products just before the PC platform’s Exploration Sale – thus allowing them to gain featuring while discounting off a higher price.

A number of games increased their prices just before the Autumn Sale so they can offer a ‘discount’ during it. Again. Why is it allowed?” a post onSteam Spy’s Twitter accountread.

At least some of the titles in question seem to have received updates in content arguably worthy of the recent price hikes they received. One such game is Epistory, an Early Access release that is ending its early bird pricing offer due to the game’s growth:

Please be aware that this update marks the end of our early bird pricing,” Epistory’s developer wrote in an announcement ahead of Steam’s sale last week. Epistory [will] now be fixed at $12.99 due to the major updates that have been done since launching on Early Access.”

That said, other price increases on the list appear to have been done unceremoniously and without explanation. Valve has yet to issue any response to Steam Spy’s accusations.

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